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Brett Bosinski, Phil Schneider, Adam Trimper,
Prof. Kwang W. Oh, Dr. John Schneider (Qualcomm), Dr. Srirangaraj (Ranga) Setlur (CEDAR, UB), Liam Christie (05/2017)

Prof. Kwang W. Oh, Liam Christie, Adam Trimper, Yaguang Zhai,
Anyang Wang, Brett Bosinski, Phil Schneider, Domin Koh,
Evan Breloff, Alexander Villalta, Zhonghang Zhang (03/2017)

SMALL Member 08.2013
Deekshitha Jetta, Domin Koh, Prof. Kwang W. Oh, Vinicius Abreu,
Danilo Sulino Silveira Pinto, Hun Lee, Linfeng Xu (07/2013)

Prof. Kwang W. Oh, Byungwook Ahn, Kangsun Lee, Jing Xu, Hun Lee,
Raj Panchapakesan, Linfeng Xu (08/17/2011)

SMALL Members (Current)
  • Kwang W. Oh (SMALL Member: Spring 2006 -): PhD (EE, University of Cincinnati, 2001); MS (EE, University of Cincinnati, 1997); BS (Physics, Chonbuk National University, 1995)
  • Anyang Wang (SMALL Member: Fall 2014 -): MS (EE, Tohoku University, 2014); BS (EE, Tohoku University, 2012)
  • Domin Koh (SMALL Member: Summer 2013 -): BS (EE, UB, 2013)
  • Evan Breloff (SMALL Member: Spring 2015 -): BS (Electrical Eng., UB, 2013)
  • Nikhila Nyayapathi (SMALL Member: Fall 2013 -): BE (Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology & Science-Pilani, 2011)
  • Phil Schneider (SMALL Member: Spring 2014 -): MS (EE, UB, 2016); BS (EE, UB, 2014)
  • Nicholas Eadie (SMALL Member: Spring 2017 -): ME (ME, UB, 2018), BS (ME, UB, 2015)
  • Alex Stone (SHIP/CURCA: Fall 2017): BS (Computer Engineering, UB, 2020)
  • Dennis Fedorishin (SHIP/CURCA: Fall 2017 -): BS (Computer Engineering, UB, 2020)
  • Tyler Syskar (SHIP/Under: Summer 2017 -): BS (Physics, UB, 2019)
  • Adam Trimper (SHIP/Under: Summer 2016 - Summer 2017): BS (EE, UB, 2020)
  • Brett Bosinski  (SHIP/EEURS: Spring 2015-): BS (EE, UB, 2018); SHIP/EEURS
  • Liam Christie (SHIP/Under: Summer 2016 -): BS (EE, UB 2021)
  • To be Undergraduate Intern who wants to be a member of SMALL lab, contact Prof. Kwang W. Oh!
SMALL Members (Former)
  • Bendong Liu (SMALL Member: Spring 2015 - Spring 2016); Ph.D. (Mechanical Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China, 2008) Current position: Associated Professor, College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing, China. (2008 - present)
  • Hun Lee (Ph.D. in 2015, SMALL Member: Fall 2010 - Spring 2015 ): MS, EE, Dankook University, 2009; BS, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Dankook University, 2007; Now in SK Hynix, Korea
  • Linfeng Xu (Ph.D. in 2014, SMALL Member: Spring 2010 - Fall 2014): MS, EE, UB, 2011; BS, Informatics and Control Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, 2009; Now in iNfinitesimal, Skokie, IL
  • Rajagopal Panchapakesan (Ph.D. in 2012, SMALL Member: Spring 2007 - Fall 2012): Senior Engineer at Illumina
  • Kangsun Lee (Ph.D. in 2011, SMALL Member: Spring 2008 - Summer 2011): R&D engineer at LG Electronics Advanced Institute of Technology
  • Byungwook Ahn (Ph.D. in 2011, SMALL Member: Fall 2006 - Summer 2011): Post-Doc at Emory University School of Medicine and Georgia Institute of Technology (under Wilbur A. Lam, MD, PhD); Now in LG CNS
  • Christopher Steven (SMALL Member: March 2013; International visiting Ph.D. student from University of University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK)
  • Yaguang Zhai (M.S. in 2017, SMALL Member: Spring 2016 - Summer 2017): BS (Physics, Jilin University, China, 2014)  Zhonghang Zhang (SMALL Member: Spring 2016 - Summer 2017): MS (EE, UB, 2016), BS (EE, 2014)
  • Phil Schneider (M.S. in 2016, SMALL Member: Spring 2014 -): MS (EE, UB, 2016); BS (EE, UB, 2014)
  • Emily Oakley (M.S. in 2016, Co-advising with Dr. Gal Shafirstein, in the Photodynamic Therapy Center at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, SMALL Member: Fall 2015 - Spring 2016): BS (BME, George Washington University, 2013) 
  • Deekshitha Jetta (M.S. in 2015, SMALL Member: Summer 2013 -): BTech, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, 2012; Now PhD student at UB
  • Deepika Kalra (SMALL Member: Fall 2011)
  • Jing Xu (M.S. in 2011, SMALL Member: Spring 2010 - Summer 2011)
  • Linfeng Xu (M.S. in 2011, SMALL Member: Spring 2010 - Summer 2011)
  • Preethi Gopalan (M.S. in 2010, SMALL Member: Summer 2009 - Summer 2010): Intel
  • Nicholis Geile (MS, SMALL Member: Fall 2009 - Fall 2010): Engineer at Moog Lahul Prakash K Moodbidri (SMALL Member: Spring 2013)
  • Rittick Banerjee (SMALL Member: Spring 2016): BS (EE, Siksha 'O' Anusandhan University, 2015)
  • Imene Ben Hassan (SHIP/UB-ENSEA, Exchange MS student, EE, ENSEA, France, 2009, SMALL Member: Fall 2008-Spring 2009): Researcher in R&D department of a French company called AINELEC expert in power electronic and renewable energy and member of the HAP group
  • Romain Louge (SHIP/UB-ENSEA, Exchange MS Student, EE, ENSEA (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de l'Electronique Et Des Ses Applications), France, 2008; SMALL Member: Fall 2007 - Spring 2008)

  • David Kulczyk (SHIP/INR: Summer 2011): 12th grader from St. Francis in Buffalo 
  • Eric Birdsong (SHIP/INR: Summer 2010; African American): 12th grader from the Math, Science, and Technology School at Seneca in Buffalo
  • Andrew Clark (SHIP/INR: Summer 2009; African American) 12th grader from the Math, Science, and Technology Preparatory School at Seneca in Buffalo
  • David Walker (SHIP/INR: Smmer 2008; African American): 12th grader from the East High School in Buffalo
  • Ryan Glover (SHIP/BEAM: Summer 2008): 12th grader from St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute High School    

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